Browsing through Stefano’s portfolio, you might forget that the skin is his canvas, and the needle his brush. While analogizing, one might say that Last Rites is the upscale car dealership and Stefano Alcantara the fancy import. The former features an art gallery that has pieces selling at hundreds of dollars as well. And why not? After all, true art connoisseurs are not concerned about small things like price.

Stefano Alcantara continues to balance careers in both tattooing and fine art. When he is not inking a tattoo, Stefano Alcantara works on cultivating his talent as a fine artist. He challenges and explores his artistic talent by painting, drawing, graffiti, airbrushing, creating timeless art pieces, and pushing personal boundaries.

Getting a tattoo at Stefano Alcantara’s Tattoo Studio in NYC
There are a few things you should consider when you decide to get a tattoo at Stefano Alcantara’s Tattoo Studio. Factors such as design, size, placement, and skin tone all affect how your tattoo will look on you.

For the design, be as specific as you can about what you desire, as well as whether you want it to have a color or not. One great idea is to provide the tattoo artist with a reference image so they can better understand your desired design.

It’s important to state the dimensions in inches when providing your desired tattoo size. However, do not worry about being exact when providing these dimensions. The placement and size are just estimates and can both be changed later on.

Your skin tone also plays an essential role when getting a tattoo. However, the good news is that the talented tattoo artists at Stefano Alcantara’s Studio will make your desired tattoo design works for you regardless of your skin’s complexion. Stefano Alcantara’s studio also offers some color tests to help you make the final decision. During a consultation, they will tattoo small dots or lines of the various hues you are interested in to see how they are on your skin. This is great since you will have a good idea of how the tattoo will heal on your skin before getting the tattoo.

Another thing to look out for is availability. Once you’ve decided to have a tattoo at Stefano Alcantara’s tattoo studio, the next step is to determine which team works well for you and your tattoo artist. This will avoid the unnecessary back and forth with the tattoo artist or studio.

All in all, Stefano Alcantara’s Tattoo Studio is hands down one of the best places to get a tattoo in NYC. And if Stefano Alcantara’s work is anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed!