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Just a reminder about the Reinventing Live event coming up on October 14. If you are bumming because you can’t make it in person I wanted to mention that online participation will offer a closeup and detailed view of the proceedings and will allow your involvement by submitting questions to the presenters. All participants, both online and in person, will also get a portfolio critique, and a recording of the day will be available for a full month. The day’s curriculum will start with @stefanoalcantara @luxaltera and @kaija.heitland.tattoos working on live tattoo projects while I get up close and technical with them, picking their brains about both composition and execution of their projects. This will include audience questions both live and online. This will be followed by an energetic panel discussion between the presenting artists. To cap off the evening I’ll be doing another piece later in the evening which will also be broadcast live. This is a chance to get inside the minds of a number of experienced artists and ask the questions that you’ve always wanted to! As a bonus, all Reinventing The Tattoo subscribers who purchase tickets will get an exclusive Reinventing Live hoodie, and will have permanent access to the recorded class in their Reinventing subscription. We’d love to have you involved, drop by for more information! #tattoo #education #tattooeducation #tattooseminar #art #artseminar


@grizzlygriptape X @stefanoalcantara

Today Friday February 19th 12noon West coast - 3pm East coast @grizzlygriptape and my self Limited Edition Collaboration is gonna be available to purchase Online ... I will put the direct link on my bio on Friday 3pm NY time! Is gonna be available in all sizes and is limited until they run out!
LINK HERE:…/grizzly-x-stefano-tee


First Solo Show!

I'll be doing my first solo show July 12th 2014 at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. You can find out more information on I hope to see you there!

Stefano Alcantara Fine Art Show


Due to increasing popularity and demand, Stefano Alcantara currently has very limited availability. Because of this, he is forced to be very selective when it comes to tattoo ideas from potential clients. Please note that his waiting list in New York City is currently at 1.5 years; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Submission Guidelines and Requirements:

  • Client must be willing to award Stefano full creative reign over any image or concept
  • Realistic portraits, animals, and any idea which requires a lot of texture and attention to detail will be favored
  • Tattoo must be of a substantial size; larger tattoos will hold priority over smaller pieces
  • Black and grey tattoos are preferred but color pieces may be accepted based on originality and detail of idea or image
  • Stefano does not do lettering
  • Reference images are required (exceptions may be made, at Stefano's discretion) and must be of high resolution to be considered
  • Due to the high volume of emails received, please be as specific as possible in your subject line and body of the email. Include: City, part of the body and reference material.

You can email Stefano Alcantara by filling out this form. Thanks for your support!


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